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Victor Indrizzo

the works

Who is he?

Sessions drummer

Not only is Victor one of the best sessions drummers there is, he also does song writing and music production too!
I discovered this talented musician when Dave Gahan came out with his solo cd "Paper Monsters". I saw them in concert and was amazed at how much fun Victor seems to have when he is performing. Then I caught him on an old Saturday Night Live show with Beck. Man this guy can play! So I started listening to some of the cds he has appeared on. I discovered all kinds of good music. If you have not heard of Victor check out my other pages.

Be sure to check out the Discography page to see the wide variety of music he has done.I bet you will find some very familiar artists!

Beck tour 2000

DrumPro Article

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Check out and put Victor Indrizzo in the search and see what goodies you find!